Agricultural Gearbox Grain Conveyor Gearbox

We could provide proper agricultural gearbox for customer’s gram conveyor system if the application.

dimension and Input acceleration and equipment ratio are offered by customers.

ODM (original design manufacturing) service is provided when production agricultural gearbox (found in

grain conveyor system).

The folloWings are its Agricultural Gearbox Grain Conveyor Gearbox technical parameters:

Model Number: EP2309832

Gearing Arrangement: Bevel We Miter

Output Torque: 0.2-0.4Nrn before asssernbly essential oil seal

Rated Power: 16HP

Input Speed: 540 rpm

Output Speed: 540 rpm

Ratio: 1:1

Housing material: HT250

Shaft material: 20CrMnti

Weight: 12kg

Bolt torque: 16-22NM

Mould No: 4.233

Color: Customer Requ..sts

Teeth: 19/19

Noise: 82db-1 meter

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