Hook Chain Sprockets

Torch Profiles – Engineered to market the best life for your sprockets and chain, Black Ace Metal Cut sprockets maintain better pitch accuracy and perpendicularity over cast iron. This means longer sprocket and chain life.
Styles Available
A SORT (no hub) typically found in weld-on applications.
Split Style Construction (hub on one part) – Once you use a Split Sprocket, you might never want to employ a setscrew mount design again. Removal or set up is a breeze. May be used in virtually all applications. Another advantage to Dark Ace’s split sprockets is that the shaft/keyway protection is much tighter when compared to a typical setscrew mount.
Idler Design – Assembled with long-lasting Dark Ace Ball Bearings.
Multiple Sprocket Hook Chain Sprockets Thicknesses Offered – Regular Sprocket thickness is 1″, but some circumstances may necessitate different thicknesses. Thicknesses are available from ½” to 2″.
Heat Treat – Hardening of sprockets is offered as a choice. Hardness on hardened sprockets ranges from 50-60 Rc.

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