November 8, 2019

Modular hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes are produced in series upon the most modern machines and in huge quantities for a torque selection of 1,500 Nm to 6,500,000 Nm. There is also a sizable number of style variants for the input and output aspect, providing a remedy to virtually all applications. Special requirements can be prepared quickly by our engineering team and flexible production techniques, where the whole manufacturing procedure takes place at our own works, ensure punctual purchase completion. Extensive stocks guarantee short delivery times when required. Standard spare parts can as a result be accessible within 72 hours at every international airport.

compact dimensions
short delivery times because of modular design
customer-specific Plastic Gear Rack transmission solutions
high quality
prompt, worldwide service

Ever-Power in 1966, ROLLSTAR became 1968 the 1st manufacturer to provide both hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes. This led to the emergence of the hydraulic gear motor concept which, after that, has become synonymous with:

All Ever-Power are included in Ever-Power industry leading warranty. Just click here to find out more about our Life time Warranty and to register your product on the web.

High quality hoses are regular with this series of Ever-Power, hydraulic quick couplers are not included since we recommend direct plumbing to avoid flow restriction and to ensure optimal performance. Although designed for large excavators these drives are the ideal drive for high torque anchor applications and also suitable to smaller sized machines. Contact your nearest Ever-Power workplace for specialist advice.