600 Class Stainless Steel Ley Bushed Chains and Sprockets

600 Class Stainless Steel Ley Bushed Chains and Sprockets(603/604/600/704). Sometimes referred to as “Cement sleeve chain” or “intermediate carrier chain” is used extensively in Cement mills. The pin holes at the closed end of the 600 Class link are provided with simple bushings which are press-fitted in to the links and keyed into place. The bushings are renewable and will be powered out and changed when they become worn.
Stated in HZPT 600 Course LEY BUSHED CHAINS, with a tensile strength range between 20,000to 36,000 pounds and comes in a pitch selection of 3.00 to 6.04 inches with a complete range of Brutaloy or cast steel sprockets.
As a drive chain, 600 Course Pintle is made to travel in the direction of the barrel end of the links;as an elevating or conveying chain, its path of travel should be toward the open ends of the links.
All 600 Course LEY BUSHED CHAINS is produced according to manufacturer’s Transmission Chain standards and is totally interchangeable.