AC Gear Motor

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Exact Standards
We offer an extensive line of AC shaded pole gearmotors with continuous rated torque up to 200 inlb and speeds as low as 1.0 RPM. AC voltages range between 24 Volt through 500 Volt with dual voltage options. Approval to European organizations can be acquired at your request.

The winding, stack size, gear ratio, and output shaft will be hzpt motor custom matched and designed to meet your requirements. Combine this along with our ability to value-add wiring harnesses, mounting plates, couplings, gears, pulleys, or additional components directly to the gearmotor, you truly receive a unique, custom designed item right “out-of-the-box”.

AC Gear Motor Features
Industry standard mountings
Standard Zinc die-cast gearcase housings
Ball bearing motor style available
Needle and thrust bearing options
Hollow or thru-shaft style options
Low-noise gearing available