The CRATE CONVEYOR CHAIN is constructed in malleable iron with generous wearing areas and the steel connecting pins are riveted flush with the medial side bars to allow the chain to slide freely in 2.5″Drive Chain channel manuals . the chains are designed to flex sideways round a 3′ -o· minimum recommended radius. Although a 1′ -9″ radius can be negotiated.the greatest chain life will be achieved by employing the largest possible radius . They will operate in both horizontal and inclined planes and tend to be employed in double strand.being utilized principally for handling instances of bottles and individual large cans or containers and crates.
Stated in HZPT CHAINS, with a tensile strength range between 6,000to 15,000 pounds, CC CLASS CRATE CONVEYOR CHAINS is thoroughly cored for pitch accuracy with easy bearing areas that reduce •break-in” wear causing pitch elongation.
CRATE CONVEYOR CHAINS comes in a pitch selection of 2.5 to 4.00 inches with a complete assortment of Brutaloy or cast steel sprockets.
As a drive chain, CC Class Pintle is designed to travel in direction of the barrel end of the links;as an elevating or conveying chain, its direction of travel ought to be toward the open up ends of the links.
All CC CLASS CRATE CONVEYOR CHAIN is manufactured according to manufacturer’s requirements and is completely interchangeable.