November 7, 2019

Custom Pulleys
Ever-power gets the expertise and specialized features to manufactures pulleys that are designed for the most intricate applications. Our state-of-the-artwork technology can accommodate any type of machining which includes counterbores, keyways, setscrews, lightening holes, self-tracking guides and much more. If it’s technically feasible, we are in a position to produce it regardless of what size, material or fine detail required. Furthermore to assist with your projects Ever-power can manufacture a prototype as well as any production quantity.
Contact Application Engineering to discuss your custom pulley requirements and design challenges. You can even design your own pulley model using our custom made 3D Model Configurator . Download your model or submit it for a free quote.
Custom Pulleys in Aluminium and other Finishes
Aluminum is the standard steel for all stock pulleys & most custom pulleys. Nevertheless, there are a variety of other materials and completed such as steel or hard anodized aluminum that your application may necessitate. Ever-power uses CNC technology and an experienced manufacturing team to make your custom pulleys with the fastest turnaround amount of time in the industry. Look at our Components and Finishes
We provide pulleys in numerous diameter sizes, ranging from 1 inch to 35 inches.
Our pulleys can be manufactured with many different types of belt grooves, including A,B,C,D,E,3V,5V,8V,J,K,L, and M groove types. We also provide pulleys with rope grooves, cable grooves, and Timing pulleys.
We specialize in manufacturing pulleys made from cast iron. We can also manufacture pulleys utilizing a variety of other components such as steel, bronze, plastic, aluminium, and brass.
We provide assistance through the style phase of consumer orders, to greatly help our customers obtain the most affordable and effective pulley or sheave style.
We utilize the latest inspection products that helps us to maintain quality through the entire production process.
Cast Iron
Ductile Iron
Stainless Steel
Steel and Alloy Steel
4-Axis Okuma MH500 Horizontal Mill
Okuma MH800 Horizontal Mill with Rotary Indexer
Okuma MCV60 Vertical Mill 30 x 60 x 27 inches Travel
Okuma MX45 Vertical Mill 15 x 30 x 17 inches Travel
4-Axis Okuma LU45 Lathe 32 inches Diameter 36 inches Optimum Turning Length
2-Axis Okuma LB35 Lathe 18 inches Diameter 36 inches Maximum Turning Length
Blanchard Grinder Optimum Diameter 36 inches
Okamoto Surface Grinder 12 x 24 inches Table
Vertical and Horizontal Sunnen Honing Machine
Pulley Groove Type
Belt Grooves:
A, B, C, D, E, 3V, 5V, 8V, J, K, L, M
Cable Grooves
Rope Grooves
Pulley Diameter Sizes
Which range from 1/2 inch – 35 inches
0.0005 inches
Custom Made Pulleys
CNC Milling
CNC Turning
Gear Hobbing
High Production Robotic Machining
Reverse Engineering / Prototype Creation
Welding Services

About Custom Pulleys
In the world of manufacturing nonstandard parts often equate to “custom” parts. Custom parts mean a complete host of stuff that a lot of manufacturers can’t afford; things such as special tooling, manufacturing, and processes. These special extras had a need to create custom parts mean a protracted lead time and, ultimately, increased prices.
For a number of companies, creating custom parts is handled in specifically in this manner. At Torque Transmissions, nevertheless, we have a different method of handling custom parts which makes better sense for our business and for our customers businesses.
At Torque Transmission we use a PULL production procedure. Pull-through production is characterized by smaller batches, quick responses to customer demands, and smooth product flow. This kind of creation is an example of lean manufacturing and is the key reason why we are able to make orders to client specifications.
What characterizes the kind of lean manufacturing Torque Tranny utilizes?
No inventory: we make what’s ordered
Same production process as is standard
Standardized tooling: we make use of our standard mold base system to make exclusive mold tooling, which outcomes in an exceedingly quick set up
Customer’s due date places the purchase in the production schedule
Once an purchase is started it moves through the manufacturing procedure without delays or queues
Pull-through production of the kind facilitates product customization because the products are produced when they are ordered. This allows us to offer products which will meet a customer’s needs, rather than offering standard items that may not meet the needs of a customer or do the job 100%.