Hydraulic cylinder is single piston and double action difference hydraulic cylinder. There are 28 designs assembled by 14 kinds of cylinder diameters and 4 kinds of pressure rating. In addition, head flange design, intemediate trunnion design and base mounting design can be made for double piston rods and dual action smooth swiftness cylinders. Otherwise, the designs can reach 384 styles assembled by optional adjustable cushions(use adjustable managed value)and 28 regular styles. They are widely used in forklift and another large lift machines

1. Have plenty size, bore size from 40mm to 450mm
2. Many styles including solitary piston and double actions action difference
hydraulic cylinder, double piston rods and double action smooth speed cylinders
3. cushion can be installed
4. lots of connecting method, including cap eyes bracket with bushing, cap eyes bracket with spherical bearing, mind flange, cap flange, intermediate trunnion, base mounting.
5. Sealing system. ..seal bands of NOK from Japan and Parker from United states that can overcome engineering construction conditions. as well as special designed sealing system are put on prevent grit and dirt, reduce oil leakage.
6. Cylinder body.. .the thickness of cylinder body and flange could be changed; the cylinder inner surfaces manufactured as per appropriate intensity and dimensions have superb roughness and rigidity and better wearing capacity after roll
7. Piston rod…high frequency quenching followed by hard chrome plating to improve rust proofing and wear and scar resisting performance.
8. Safety/buffer features. ..valves with allow stroke, counting stability and emergency close can be installed easily according to requirements. The concealed types can absorb the influence of buffer device at the end of stroke