Trencher chain

Trencher chain parts cuts with a digging chain or belt that’s driven around a rounded metallic body or broom. All our chains are designed with special features to provide you with the longest feasible wear parts lifestyle. They are made to effectively use today’s high powered trenchers. Our trencher chains collection includes boom spare parts such as for example MT and XHD Sprockets, Nose Roller, Bearing & Circlip Kits, Bare Chains, and Trenching Depth Chains for all trencher range.
A cutting tooth used on an endless chain-trenching machine to fracture and excavate the ground. The tooth carries a mounting portion for attachment to the chain and a trimming portion having a straight cutting edge at the leading end of the tooth positioned regular to the direction motion of the chain. The slicing portion can be aligned from the installation at an acute angle to the plane of the installation portion and including convex surfaces on both sides of the cutting portion and a juncture collection between the mounting part and the cutting portion forms an acute angle with the direction movement of the chain whereby the cuttings produced by the tooth are lifted aside by the chain as the chain is usually digging.