TXT (SMRY) Shaft Mounted Reducer Gearbox Gear Reducer

1 Twin Tapered Output Hub
A tapered bore in both sides of the reducer’s output hub snugs up against a matching taper on the outer surface of the bushing. Bushingmounting screws pass through the bushing flange right into a mounting collar on the hub. As the screws are tightened, the bushing moves inward, gripping the driven machine’s input shaft tightly and evenly TXT (SMRY) Shaft Mounted Reducer Gearbox Gear Reducer around every point on its circumference. It really is easy-on, easy-off. All the Result Bushing Bore accord to ANSI

2 Precrisio. n High Qua lity Gearing
C ompu ter D e s i actually g n He lical .Gears, Strong Alloy Materials for High Load Capacity, Case Carburized for extended life, Surface Profile Crown tooth Profile, In
Conformance with ISO 1328-1997, 98% Performance for Per Stage, Simple Quiet Procedure with Several Tooth in Mesh.
3 Maximum Capacity Housing Design
Close Grain Cast Iron Building, Excellent Vibration Dampening & Shock Resistance Features, Precision Bored and Dowelled to Ensure Accurate In-Line Assembly.
4 Strong Alloy Steel Shafts
Strong Alloy Metal, Hardened, Ground upon Journals, Equipment Seatings and Extensions, for Optimum Load and Maximum Torsional Loads. Generous Size Shaft
Keys for Shock Loading .
5 Use adapter for mount the torque arm, boost the strength of the gear case, the torque arm easy-on and easy-off and reliability, controls positionof regular torque arm mounting within suggested limits.
6 BackStops
Alternative Parts, anti-run back device, are available upon all 15:1 and 25:1 ratio products.