February 20, 2021

The LC Type coupling consists of one particular standard L Kind hub (with out collar attachment), one particular LC Kind hub (delivers collar attachment), a single regular snap wrap center and 1 collar with screws. Characteristics
Radially removable insert
Collar allows for highest speed of three,600 RPM
Collar produced from 1018 Steel
These “LC” hubs are drilled and tapped to accept collar mounting screws but the collar and hardware are usually not included.
See L Type (inch or metric) coupling chart for normal hub.
Tolerances for bore and keyways are found in Engineering Information section .
All hubs are supplied common with 1 set screw.
When referencing the amount on this table, consist of 685144 as being a prefix for the amount shown.
AL and SS Style Couplings
The AL Variety coupling includes two hubs and one spider.
Interchangeable with all hub sizes typical for that L-Line and AL-Line merchandise
Accessible in a variety of different finished bore and keyway combinations
Completed bores passivated for additional rust protection
AL Variety Couplings
The AL Type coupling consists of two hubs and 1 spider.
Aluminum material is corrosion resistant
Hubs compatible with common Lovejoy hub design (except AL150)